Friday, 28 August 2015

A Little Haul.


So, today I have a little haul for y'all. Just some of the things I have bought for school and stuff! Sorry if you don't care, but I thought you might want to know what I have bought in the last few days. It is not a lot but I don't really know what else to write.

 The first thing I bought a 50 pack of Index Cards from Wiko for 75p. These are for notes for Language exams and stuff where I need to remember.
(If you want revision tips, it might be coming soon?!)

 I have bought two A4 folders for 50p each to put my books in so they don't get ruined. One is for my French work as at the moment it is in paper folders and they just fall apart ALL THE TIME! They are so rubbish. The paper folders not these ones! Aha...

 I am a big lover of Fine Liners. For AGES I had the Staedtler Fine Liners but they ran out. I saw these ones for half price, so I thought I would give these ones a go. They were reduced/on offer/half price. £5 to £2.50 and the Staedtler ones were around £7.

The final thing was a pair of Nike Pro running leggings for £22.99 from Sports Direct. As you may or may not know, I am an athlete/do athletics and I needed a pair for winter training and when the weather gets colder.

ChangingTimes x

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