Saturday, 29 August 2015

What Is On My Desk? Autumn 2015.

So here is a what is on my desk, but guiltily, most of my blogging is done on my bed. It's bad, I know. I use it for homework and revision and to get ready in the morning so I thought I would share.

My desk is an IKEA white Table. I am not exactly sure which one it is or how much it cost as my Mum decorated my room as a suprise when we moved and I went away on holiday with my Dad.
The jumper on the back of my desk chair is a Jack Wills Cardigan from the outlet website for around £50. I love it so much and I put it on to snuggle in the evenings or when I get cold. My desk chair, which you can't see, is a pink faux leather one from Argos for about £20, I think.

 So on the far right of my desk I have a pile of books. The bottom of the pile is a memory/notebook from The Works for £2. It is grey, pink and mint green on the cover and I use it to write memories ect. in. Above it I have the April edition of Vouge. I wasn't too impressed by it so I didn't buy any more editions. I kinda got a bit bored, but then again, the articles are quite good. I'm not sure, so I keep it and read it again every so often. Next, I have an Encyclopedia of World History. My Mum bought this for me years ago but it is so useful, it is unbelievable. I love history so sometimes I will read it. Sounds sad, I know but it facinates me. Then I have a miniature Teen Vouge which was slightly better and it came with my full size Vouge. You've already heard all about that. Above that is ELLE May. The Rebel Wilson edition. I love Rebel and this article is amazing, so funny and quite well written. Loved it. So much. Next, yet another notebook and we all know what they are. It is from WHSmiths, around 5 years ago. 
 Then I have my Pointless Book above that, which I don't really use. I bough it because it was a YouTuber book, one of the first. And I keep it for the same reason. Then my recipe book. I like to write down any recipes I don't want to forget. It's getting quite full and I love it! The top of the stack is a set of Old Royal postcards from an exhibition. They are so beautiful. Then my badges from various things like guides and what I did growing up. The Vase and Flowers are from IKEA. The vase was £1, the Pebbles £1.50 and each flower was £1.50. I have one in white, one in a deep pink and one in light pink. My Purse is from Egypt and is Micheal Kors. 

Next is the far left which houses my TV, cotton pads and buds in an IKEA pot and Laptop charger. Quite self explanatory. 

This is my makeup and other stuff that I like to keep on my desk. My skincare is elsewhere. My Body lotion is the Boots Botanics range and I got that for Christmas from my Grandma. The Body Mist is from the Body Shop and is in the smell Indian Night Jasmine. It was £7.50 but it smells AMAZING! I use that most days. In th small M pot is loadsa 5p's and rings and hair clips. Basically loads of rubbish.
Then it is my makeup and brushes. It is just a few bits that I wear at the weekends.

Next to my desk books is a glass of water. I keep a glass or bottle of water on my desk so it reminds me to drink. Behind that is a glass bottle in which I put smoothies or juices on days where I might be cooped up doing revision or homework. Then is another glass bottle with pens and pencils in. 

So there it is, my desk. Obviously, it doen't always look like this. It gets messy with books and pieces of paper and pens within the first week of school! But I try my hardest. 
ChangingTimes x

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