Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sweater Weather Tag.

So as you way or may not know, it is autumn now in England. Well at least it feels like it! So to introduce the fall series to my blog! I am trying to get into the fall spirit and to be honest, it is not very hard! I love fall so much! So here we go…

1) Favourite candle scent?
I don't really use candles because my mum won't let me light them! So, none!

2) Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
Tea! I love a good cup of English Breakfast Tea with milk and half a sugar. However, I also love Hot Chocolate and a Gingerbread or Caramel Latte from Costa! It is such a hard decision but I love them all.

3) Best Fall Memory?
I can't pinpoint a specific fall memory that sticks out as being the best, I just love this time of the year and spending time with family! So I don't have a best fall memory! Sorry! I will try and fill you in on good memories as they come!

4) Which make-up trend do you prefer- Dark lips or Winged eyeliner?
For me, winged eyeliner. Dark lips really don't suit me, because I'm just so pale! My skin is a bit weird and I just don't think they suit me. I can't do winged eyeliner but if I could, I would try to rock it!

5) Best fragrance for fall?
I am wearing the Body Shop body mist in 'Indian Night Jasmine' at the moment! I am looking for a new fragrance, maybe a more expensive one for Christmas coming up! (On a side note, I am so ready for it.) And maybe another body mist to see me through. If you have any recommendations, please tell me!
Also I am thinking of making a social media for my blog, if anyone would even care… Let me know and what platform you would want it on. Thank you!
And on we go!

6) What is autumn weather like where you live?
I live in England and it is always cold! And rainy! Cold and rainy. All the time. So, you only leave the house if you have to or have fifty million layers of clothing on and then it is a struggle to not be soaked through! So, all in all pretty rubbish but I still love it!

7) Most worn sweater?
As much as I like a good jumper, I have bought mostly new ones since last year so I couldn't comment. I could say my most worn item, which is a Jack Wills cardigan that I have worn to death since I got it for Christmas last year. It goes with pretty much anything and I adore it! You will probably see it as the colder weather goes on and in various favourites.

8) Must have Nail Polish for this season?
Tanya Burr nail polish in Penguin Chic. Just a plain dark grey but I love it and it goes with most outfits. I have just started growing my nails, so I will be expanding my collection in the months to come,

9) Football Games or Jumping in leaf piles?
I think this is an American tag but I would chose the sport option all the way. I am more of a Rugby gal but a good 'Soccer' game isn't so bad! Although I have a younger brother, the leaf pile jumping looks like it might be happening!

10) Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
Skinny Jeans all the way. Leggings are so comfy but I don't like wearing them out of the house as I feel very self conscious. So, for me, jeans are my staple.

11) Combat Boots or Uggs?
That is a very tough choice and I don't think I can choose! They are both so comfy and cosy and I own at least a pair of each. I can't choose!

12) Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?
Now, this is were I fail as a girl in 2015. I have never had Pumpkin Spice!
I know! It is on my list and I will try my hardest to bring myself to try it. I'm never one to jump into hypes so it may take a while!

13) Favourite Fall TV show?
I am currently binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. It is so good. But if we are talking about shows that only come out in Fall, it would have to be The Apprentice on BBC1 and Great British Bake Off on BBC1. They are both british shows and I watch them every year! I am not ashamed!

14) What song really gets you in the fall spirt?
I am that person that will listen to Christmas songs in August so any Christmas songs! I am going to create a Christmas Playlist and it will be amazing.
Another cosy song I like to listen to is Wonderwall by Oasis and Champagne Supernova, also by Oasis. I love both Oasis and The Kooks on those cosy days to relax and unwind.

And that is the end on that! I loved writing that and really thinking about it while wrapped in a blanket and drinking a cup of tea! Thank you,
ChangingTimes x

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